About Him

Maxwell Vogel

Independent Creative

About Him

Maxwell Vogel is a student in Stillwater, Minnesota. He currently works as an independent environmental researcher. He focuses a large portion of his research towards using technology to minimize and prevent human environmental impact. Max has designed and conducted various scientific investigations in the fields of biofuel research and surface water quality. His work has been recognized by companies and groups such as the Broadcom Corporation, 3M, and the United States Chemical Society.

Photography is one of Max's favorite things to work on, and he never hesitates to grab a camera when heading out. Photography allows Max to share his love for travel and the outdoors. Max enjoys competitive and non-competitive distance running and never travels anywhere without a pair of running shoes in his bag. Some of his other favorite activities are kayaking, hiking, and backpacking.


Max was captured by photography at the age of eight when he received a camera as a gift. Max learned the ins and outs of photography and taught himself the skills he needed to produce images that he was proud of. Max eventually grew out of his original camera and has slowly upgraded his equipment. As a student on a budget, Max gained the understanding of how you can produce beautiful images with a fairly inexpensive camera. Photography will always have a place in Max's life.


Max has been fascinated with the sciences since he was a young boy.  Back in 2012, Max formed "Max J. Vogel Research", an independent group which researches human environmental impacts.  His group specializes in designing and implementing scientific investigation relating to the prevention of our future impacts on the environment.

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